Attention: .38 expected restock mid March

Quick Start Guide

Step 1

Ensure your firearms are unloaded and that there is no ammunition anywhere in the training area. If you get distracted before completion, start over again.


Step 2

Set up your target on a flat plain surface under soft stable light. Remove all shiny tape, pins or objects on or near the target and keep the background of the camera view as simple as possible. We recommend using the Painter's Tape or taping the back of the target when needed.

Safety Rule: Treat your Laser equipment like the real one; "know your target and what is beyond."


Step 3

Check again to make sure your firearm is unloaded, and place the laser cartridge in the chamber.


Step 4

Remove the Quick Detach Plate from the tripod and screw on the phone holder firmly. Reinstall the plate with the holder back on to the tripod.


Tip: If the fastening tab under the Quick Detach Plate keeps dropping down and prevents installing of the plate, put a small piece of tape to hold the tab in place.


Step 5

Attach the phone to the holder in portrait mode.


Step 6

Turn on the G-Sight Laser Training Pro app. Read the safety warnings and perform safety checks again before tapping the CONTINUE button. Tap the TRAIN button and select the 10-shot Training activity. Move your tripod to match the camera screen with the edges of the target as close as possible.


Step 7

Press Start, and the app will perform a quick setup automatically. You can begin shooting when the Start Shooting message appears and the STOP button shows up on the screen in seconds.

Step 8

Press STOP any time to stop the activity before the app automatically stops itself when 10 shots are detected or when the 5-minute session time limit is reached.


Step 9

Swipe left and right to see individual shots one by one.


Step 10

If there are false detection, switch to the Test Setup mode to check the problematic areas in the camera view and correct them.